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Product Warranty

Product Warranty


Watches Orus Co. are warranted by Mountain Dialogues, Lda. for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase and cover defective watch materials as well as manufacturing defects. The warranty covers the proper functioning of the watch when it is not damaged by the user.

To trigger the warranty, the customer must present the purchase invoice (or other proof of purchase / delivery) and the Warranty Card shipped with the purchased watch. During the warranty period and if the conditions for accepting the claim are met, you may exercise the following rights:

  • Watch Repair: By requesting repair of the watch, Mountain Dialogues, Lda. Undertakes to eliminate the problem that causes the product to malfunction without depriving the customer of its use for more than 30 days. The warranty count stops during repairs. If only one part is replaced, it also has a 2-year warranty.


  • Watch replacement: In the event that repair is not an advantageous option, you may have your product replaced with an equal or equivalent, and your consent will always be sought. In this case, a new warranty cycle commences 24 months after the replacement date.


  • Price reduction or full refund: Mountain Dialogues may grant you a discount or refund the entire purchase money if the product is repaired or replaced:
    • not possible;
    • significantly costly given the product characteristics or the type of defect;
    • assume a major inconvenience for the customer;
    • cannot be performed within a reasonable time;

An order is not established to activate each of these solutions, and the customer may opt for one, provided it is possible and reasonable. For example, in the event of a minor defect that can be repaired with quick and simple intervention, it is unreasonable to require replacement of the watch.
For any of the solutions to be activated, transportation, labor and materials costs are borne by Mountain Dialogues, Lda.

This warranty does not cover:

  • the durability of the battery;
  • wear caused by normal use such as cracking or aging (eg scratched glass; color change of materials, etc.);
  • any damage or part of the watch caused by abnormal / abusive use, carelessness, negligence, accidents (blows, dents, crushing, broken glass, etc.).
  • any problem caused by service or repair by unauthorized persons (except for battery replacement).

Orus Co. ensures the perfect maintenance of your watch and always seeks advantageous solutions for your customers. If you have any questions about the warranty on ORUS CO. Products, please write to us using our form or use the contact details available on our page.

Este clausulado está em conformidade com a Lei das Garantias (LG) – Decreto-Lei n.º 67/2003, de 8 de Abril, com as alterações introduzidas pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 84/2008, de 21 de Maio. Este documento deverá ser consultado para complementar as informações descritas nesta página.


  • Avoid exposing the watch to very high or very low temperatures, especially on the beach exposed to direct sunlight or in saunas. These temperatures can cause the lubricants present inside the watch to evaporate.
  • Take off your watch when playing sports, especially those involving sudden and intense movements (eg golf).
  • Avoid proximity to very strong magnetic equipment such as large speakers or airport scanners.
  • Always take off your watch to set it. It can also bend the parts that make up the watch mechanism. Doing so on the wrist also increases the likelihood of dust entering the watch.
  • If you do not use the watch for an extended period of time, turn it on at least once a month as this will cause the interior parts to remain lubricated.
  • Do not leave the watch battery discharged inside the watch, as the battery is susceptible to leakage due to the end of charge, which may damage the watch mechanism.



Please, contact: info@orusclothing.com

The warranty data can be changed at any time without notice, so it is the customer's duty to regularly check this page.